At Investment Trends we’re always on the lookout for great talent. If you have exceptional academic achievements, a high degree of mathematical skills, brilliant communication and a desire to work with a fun and driven team, click here to access our CV submission form. But before you click, make sure you understand us and share our values by reading about us below.

When you join Investment Trends you are part of a team that, through our deep insights research, aims to improve the lives of millions of investors by making the whole financial services industry better.

Our core goal is simple:

We aim to be the world’s best industry research firm.

To achieve our goal, we have a strong focus on what we do:

  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We respect each other, our clients and partners
  • We act with integrity for the benefit of all
  • We drive our business forward with energy and optimism.

Just as importantly, we focus on how we do it:

  • We recruit the best people
  • We are determined to develop everyone to their full potential
  • We constantly improve ourselves and our business
  • We celebrate success and then look to do even better’.

Underlying our work are a series of commitments that we take very seriously. They help us stay focused on what we expect of ourselves.

Our commitments to our clients:

  • We deliver deep insights, not just data – we look for what’s important, explain what it means, and provide ideas for how our clients can benefit
  • We are fiercely independent – we treat all clients equally and avoid relationships that limit our ability to be impartial
  • We are committed to excellence – we strive to be always right, but we act quickly and transparently when we’re wrong.

Our commitments to each other:

  • We believe in diversity at every level and in every sense
  • We criticise our work and ourselves honestly and positively
  • We take ownership of our work and our challenges
  • We genuinely care for each other
  • We work hard and have fun

Our commitments to our survey respondents:

  • We deeply value your privacy and we protect it carefully
  • We recognise that you are at the heart of our business
  • We reflect your views fairly, accurately and without influence.