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2024 Italy Leverage Finance Report

Italian Leverage Trading Market Sees High Market Value and Loyalty:

  • High Market Value: Italy’s leverage trading market stands out as highly valuable compared to other continental European markets.
  • Local Office Importance: Establishing a local office is crucial for fostering perceptions of being local, though other factors also contribute to this outcome.
  • Key Sign-Up Drivers: Driving sign-ups requires a strong presence on comparison websites, excellent platform usability, and demonstrated financial strength.

June 18, 2024, Italy – Leading financial services research firm Investment Trends releases its first edition of the 2024 Italy Leverage Trading Report, providing an in-depth analysis of Italy’s leverage trading market.

The report shows the Italian leverage trading market has emerged as one of the most valuable in Europe, managing larger portfolios and utilising higher margins per trade compared to their continental counterparts. Italian traders’ frequency is comparable to that of German and Spanish traders who on average commit the highest average margin per trade compared to their counterparts in other European countries.

Note: Average investment portfolio size for each country converted to EUR using 2023 average currency exchange rate

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Additionally, the data reveals that Italian traders, with an average age of 51, tend to have larger portfolio sizes and commit higher margins per trade compared to their European counterparts.

The report also highlights that for leverage trading providers in Italy, establishing a local office is crucial for fostering perceptions of being local. Other factors such as local regulation, Italian language support, and culturally relevant customer service also play significant roles in enhancing brand perception for traders.

“With Italy’s leverage trading market thriving with some of the most valuable traders in Europe, providers must recognise their unique needs and preferences to gain their trust,” said Lorenzo Vignati, Associate Research Director at Investment Trends. “Italian traders are not just looking for financial opportunities; they seek reliability and cultural alignment in their trading platforms,” Vignati added.

The report shows comparison websites play a pivotal role in driving sign-ups, with 17% of Italian traders heavily relying on these platforms for their decision-making and the top five providers controlling nearly 60% of primary relationships.

The competitive edge in Italy lies in a multi-faceted approach. Trading providers must ensure not only a local presence but also excel in platform usability and financial strength,” said Vignati. “Driving sign-ups in this concentrated market requires a robust strategy encompassing online presence, user-friendly platforms, and strong financial backing”, added Vignati.

The report also reveals that an area for providers to differentiate in the Italian market is to satisfy the high demand for educational content and trading ideas. Providers who proactively offer relevant educational content and trading alerts can position themselves as trustworthy sources and better support Italian traders in their trading journeys.

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About the report

The results are drawn from the Investment Trends 2024 Italy Leverage Trading Report, based on an in-depth study of 1,286 CFD/FX traders which concluded between March to April 2024.

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