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Webinar: Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK

On 17th April 2024, the Investment Trends team hosted the webinar titled, 'Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK: The Role of Financial Advisers in Protecting Retirement Savings'.

As the UK grapples with an escalating cost of living crisis, investors are increasingly finding themselves having to withdraw more from their pension funds to meet immediate financial needs.

With an acute focus on how the current economic climate is compelling investors to prioritise short-term financial relief over long-term savings, this webinar will explore the critical role that financial advisers play in guiding their clients through these turbulent times.

Focus areas:

- The provision of retirement advice
- Update on Consumer Duty
- Retirement income products
- Platforms used for retirees
- Retirement modelling tools

Webinar hosts

Brian Chong

Head of Sales: International

Brian has worked within the brokerage and financial services industry since 2008 and is head of client services for the International business at Investment Trends. With a passion for client service and having gained a deep understanding of the online brokerage and wealth management industry, Brian works in tandem with online brokers and any business wanting to understand the retail trader deeply, to ensure that they are extracting maximum value from our market insights to allow them to make smarter business decisions.
Lorenzo Britt

Lorenzo Vignati

Associate Research Director

Lorenzo joined the Investment Trends team in 2016. As an Associate Research Director, Lorenzo oversees the leverage trading and online broking reports in Europe and the United States. Lorenzo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Finance & Management from Queen Mary University of London.

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